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Common Fall Plumbing Issues

As the weather starts to get cooler and the heating gets switched back on, now is the time that many undetected plumbing issues rear their head. A boiler used for the first time in months could have many issues that have gone undetected throughout the summer, perhaps leading you to have no heating at all, sometimes for a few weeks. However, home plumbing issues in the Fall are not just limited to the fact that everyone is using their heating again. The cold, freezing weather conditions themselves are a source of concern and can lead to several problems. Below are a few of the main problems that can arise in the Fall: 

Problems with the Water Heater System

The air temperature is not the only thing to lose heat, so does the water coming into your property. This means that the water heater has to work doubly hard to heat the freezing water, as opposed to the warmer water of summer. Due to the fact, the heater is working much harder, there is a much higher chance of it malfunctioning. If this happens, it is advisable to call for a plumbing repair in Denver. If you want to preempt this failure, why not contact a professional plumber to ensure everything is as it should be, such as insulation on the pipework. It is far better to insulate a pipe than it is to fix a broken pipe.

Frozen and Burst Pipes

When the weather turns frigid, the water in your pipes can freeze and expand. When this happens your pipes can burst. Even when the weather isn’t so cold, this is still a possibility as the nighttime temperatures can drop very cold at random times of the year, meaning potentially your pipes could burst at any time of year. However, it is far more likely to occur when the weather is cold. If you suffer a burst pipe, you must call a professional to fix it for you. They will be able to identify and install the correct product. They will also insulate the pipe correctly to prevent this from happening again. If the situation requires it, they can put a heat cable or a UL-listed heat tape on the exposed pipes. A burst pipe can cause a whole range of terrible things, which can be very expensive. It is best you avoid this. 

Blocked Drainage

In the Fall, leaves fall from the trees and have a habit of blocking drains and causing us a myriad of issues associated with that. This issue, though, is very easily resolved by a professional plumber. They will do a complete and total inspection of the entire system, and if need be, they will replace the offending drain cover. Drain covers may need special requirements and will definitely need measuring and fitting by a professional plumber.

TNT Plumbing Heating and Cooling can provide all the plumbing services you need to fix these common plumbing issues that tend to happen in the Fall. A professional is needed to ensure that the job is done correctly, and with over 60 years of combined experience at the TNT Plumbing Heating and Cooling team, you know you are getting an expert professional. 

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