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September Home Maintenance

Good home maintenance can be a bit of a chore, even in the best of times. It can also involve all elements of upkeep, attention to detail, and steps to help forestall future issues and prevent them from developing. However, at certain times of the year, such as September, particular home maintenance challenges will likely

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Are UV Filters Any Good?

If you’ve heard of UV filters, you might be wondering what they are and whether they are worth the cost! We’re a Colorado HVAC company supplying UV filters in Denver and will run you through options why you would choose a UV filter for your home. What Are UV Filters? Many new AC units come

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When Should You Change Your HVAC Filter?

Regular Replacements Are Necessary For Cleaner Air Many people dismiss air filters as seemingly flimsy pieces of paper. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. HVAC air filters keep your air clean, reducing dust and airborne allergens, and they also play a vital role in the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning. So,

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Help! My A/C Isn’t Blowing Cold Air!

The heat is finally here to stay, and the last thing you want on a sweltering summer’s day is a central air conditioning system that’s not blowing cold air. A little troubleshooting of your own might be all that is needed. Air conditioning systems use Refrigerant. This refrigerant undergoes a continuous cycle of evaporation and

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Water Heaters

Water Heater Services Every day, you head to the shower, or you go to the kitchen to tidy up for breakfast, turn on the water, and expect the water to run hot. After showering, you run hot water through the sink or dishwasher to wash your dishes and then head to the laundry room to

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Home Maintenance Checklist For August

One of the things that come with owning a property is performing regular home maintenance checks. This is to ensure your safety and comfort and that the value of your home does not decrease in case you want to sell it or live there for life.  Although the importance of home maintenance is clear, many

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Tankless Water Heater vs Tank Water Heater in Denver

What is a Tank Water Heater? It is a sturdy metal tank with 40-60 gallons of hot water inside. Its job is to keep heating and reheating water.  What is a Tankless Water Heater? Tankless water heaters are new powerful tools that help your home to save energy all while being super-efficient. While tank heaters

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Why Are My Water Pipes Noisy?

Noisy water pipes can be both an annoyance and a sign that something is seriously wrong with your plumbing system. In any case, getting it checked out is incredibly important for your peace of mind and potentially for your home and finances. It’s far better to get a small issue sorted out than to have

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7 Common Questions About Sump Pumps

Whether you’ve got your own sump pump or would like to have one installed, there are many questions that people have about them. It’s good to know what you can about appliances that you need or want so that you can know whether or not they’re working correctly, and how you can make sure you

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What is GPS HVAC?

Your indoor air may contain pollutants that are harmful to your health. Therefore, adding an air purifier to your HVAC systems should be an excellent idea to remove indoor pollutants and maintain quality and healthy indoor air. Dirt, dust, pollen, pet hair, and bacteria are some common indoor air pollutants. Additionally, there are organic compounds,

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