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TNT Home Services in Boulder is your go-to source for all of your air conditioning, plumbing and drain needs. Our expert technicians have the skills, knowledge and tools necessary to quickly and efficiently fix any home service problem. Whether it’s a leaky faucet, clogged toilet or malfunctioning air conditioner, our technicians have the right solution for you. With years of experience in residential services, you can trust us to get the job done right. So don’t wait – call TNT Home Services today and let us show you why we’re the best in Boulder.

Boulder’s Best 5 Star Rated Home Services Company


  • Furnace Systems – a majority of households use a central furnace to heat their homes.
  • Heat Pumps – a two-way air conditioner that transfers heat from an outside air-source or geothermal system to and from the home.
  • Ductless Mini-Splits – a wall mounted system that heats & cools individual spaces or rooms.


  • Air Conditioning – AC services including repair, maintenance, & replacement by trusted experts at TNT Home Services
  • Air Conditioning Installs  – full worry free installation of home cooling systems including mini splits.
  • Smart Thermostat Our technicians have the skills, knowledge, and tools to fix most thermostat problems on the spot.

Plumbing & Drains

What’s Unique About Home Systems In Boulder, Colorado?

Boulder Boulder, Colorado offers a diverse range of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, manufactured homes, and luxury properties. 

  1. Single-family homes are standalone dwellings with outdoor space that vary in size and style. 
  2. Townhouses are attached homes with multiple levels and may feature a small yard or patio.
  3. Condominiums are apartment-style units that share common areas but lack outdoor space. 
  4. Manufactured homes are constructed off-site and transported to a specific location, and luxury homes may include custom-built estates with amenities like swimming pools and scenic views. 

Boulder’s varied housing options cater to different budgets and lifestyles.

The heating, cooling, air conditioning, plumbing, and drainage systems found in homes in Boulder, Colorado can vary based on the age and type of the dwelling. Most homes in Boulder use either a forced-air furnace or a boiler system for heating, along with a fireplace or wood stove as a secondary heat source. 

For cooling, most homes have central air conditioning systems, although older homes may feature window or wall-mounted units. Central air conditioning systems that use ducts to distribute cool air are the most common. 

Homes in Boulder typically use copper or PVC pipes for plumbing, with a main water shut-off valve and an electric or gas-powered water heater. Drainage systems generally feature a combination of PVC and cast iron pipes connected to the main sewer line maintained by the local utility. Note that specific systems can vary based on the home’s age and type, and some homeowners may have installed alternative or specialized systems.

It’s important to note that specific heating, cooling, air conditioning, plumbing, and drainage systems can vary depending on the age and type of the home. Additionally, some homeowners may have installed alternative or specialized systems in their homes. Call TNT Home Services for all your plumbing and HVAC needs.

About Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is an idyllic city nestled in the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, located in Colorado, USA. With a population of approximately 108,000 people according to 2021 estimates, Boulder sits around 25 miles northwest of Denver and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. A popular destination for locals and tourists alike, Boulder offers something for everyone.
Boulder is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities. The city is framed by majestic mountains, spectacular Flatirons rock formations, and the winding Boulder Creek. An array of trails offer hikers, mountain bikers, skiers and rock climbers a chance to explore the area’s wild terrain. For those seeking an adventure in the great outdoors, Boulder is an ideal destination. It’s also home to a vibrant scene that offers something for everyone. Enjoy art galleries, live music venues, and a variety of restaurants and bars. With its breathtaking scenery and dynamic attractions, it’s no wonder Boulder is so popular among tourists and locals alike.

Fact & Figures

  • Founded: February 10, 1859
  • Population: 104,175
  • Total Area: 27 Square Miles
  • Elevation: 5,430 feet
  • Median Household Income: $92,466
  • Median Home Value: $987,815
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