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Dan Yankosky
Dan Yankosky 5.0

Had a furnace check up. Harold H. was very polite and professional. He showed me all the parts of the heating system and explained everything that he was doing. I feel assured my furnace is in good working condition now.

Lisa Ross
Lisa Ross 5.0
Matt Barlow
Matt Barlow 2.0

I decided to take advantage of the mailer coupon for a discounted inspection of my furnace/AC system this week, as gas prices are really high and I figured I want to make sure my furnace is running as efficiently as possible. The technician tried to ...convince me that my inducer draft motor was bad and "guarantees" it is about to fail. His analysis was based on his clamp-on ammeter and said it was supposed to measure 120 volts. I didn't make him aware that I have both electronics technician and electrical engineering degrees. So I questioned his measurements and how he was trying to measure voltage from the clamp around the wire, but he was so fast-talking and convincing that I let it go for the time being. I did say "you're supposed to be measuring current right now", after which he switched the meter to current and tried convincing me that the reading was still bad, which didn't check against the amperage rating on the motor's sticker. Long story short I did some research on how to fully test this motor and used my own meter later and everything checks out fine. The estimate for replacement of this motor was $1500. One can purchase the entire inducer draft motor assembly online for ~$250. I figured I'd buy one just in case, because I understand it's game over for heat if that goes out. I had used TNT a couple of years ago to relocate my AC line set and they did a fine job with that. After this week's experience however with these preventative visits, I am convinced they try to find something wrong and the estimate was totally unreasonable in my opinion. The technician also kept trying to sell me on becoming a "member" and that would save me around $230 off the $1500 estimate. No thanks, I'll do it myself and the money spent on the inspection I count as well spent as to knowing which HVAC companies around here are honest and dishonest, because it's hard to find a good one. I have used four different ones at this house and can recommend the one who is honest and helpful, but it isn't TNT.Read More...

Rodney Oldfield
Rodney Oldfield 5.0

We have used T-N-T several times both for maintenance and repair on our A/C system and our furnace. They have always been very nice to my wife and I both on the phone and when the techs get to our house. We feel that the fees they have charged us are ...fair and average and their service is first class. We will never hesitate to call them.Read More...

RehderBob 5.0

Eugene did a good job servicing my furnace. Arrived on time.

Cole Pokard
Cole Pokard 5.0
Devin Goins
Devin Goins 5.0

I can’t say enough about the incredible service and expertise of TNT!! We had them out to install a whole house humidifier for us. Harold, the technician, was super friendly and vey knowledgeable! He also did excellent work!! Savannah, the office ...manager, was incredibly prompt and thorough when I reached out to schedule an appointment! This is the second time I’ve used TNT, and their service and workmanship were excellent both times! They will be my go-to for all of my Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling needs!Read More...

Ernest Valdez
Ernest Valdez 5.0

Great Great Service our technician was the best I recommend him to everyone. Shakim was the best.

Kevin Rice
Kevin Rice 5.0

Jason and Joshua were phenomenal! Our repairs caught us off guard and TNT has been incredibly helpful throughout the entire process.

Jacqui O'Brien
Jacqui O'Brien 5.0

Shakir was so nice to work with! He explained all the issues clearly, was kind and thoughtful, and did a great job installing my new furnace and cleaning up afterward.

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