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Why Are My Water Pipes Noisy?

Noisy water pipes can be both an annoyance and a sign that something is seriously wrong with your plumbing system. In any case, getting it checked out is incredibly important for your peace of mind and potentially for your home and finances. It’s far better to get a small issue sorted out than to have to deal with flooding or worse.

Common Causes of Noisy Water Pipes When Running Water

There are different noises that you might hear, and each one indicates a different problem. Thudding and banging noises within your pipes are some of the more alarming noises you might hear, and they are often caused by the air chambers in your faucets failing. This is usually an easy fix.

You can try it yourself by switching off your water supply, then turning on all your faucets until all the water has drained from your system. Then, turn the water supply back on. Once the faucets release water, you can turn them off, and hopefully, the noise will have stopped. If it continues, then call a plumber.

If the pipework in your home is made from copper, as is common, then sometimes the pipes will expand when you use hot water. This isn’t an issue, the metal is designed to handle this stress, but it can be irritating. You can reduce the noise by insulating the pipes, preventing friction against other surfaces.

Loose fittings are one of the most obvious and common causes of noisy pipes. This creates a rattling noise as the water runs through them, and the loose pipes do need to be fixed before they cause a major issue.

Another common issue involves blocked pipes. These can cause noisy pipes when running water, and you might hear a clinking or rattling. While a blocked drain might be a simple fix, as you might be able to use a snake or a plunger to get rid of any buildups of debris, blocked pipes are another issue entirely.

These are caused by wear and tear in the pipework, as well as sludge generated by central heating systems. Both of these cases result in solid debris circulating throughout the pipe system, which is what causes these noises. In this case, you should call a plumber to drain and inspect your pipes.

In Winter, Should I Get Someone to Fix My Pipes?

Colorado has several common plumbing issues which you should be aware of. If you have noisy water pipes in winter, then you should make sure that they haven’t frozen. Ask a Colorado plumber to inspect any exterior or interior pipes which don’t have a lot of insulation, as these are most likely to freeze. A frozen pipe can burst, causing severe flooding.

Another common Colorado issue that may come up is a broken water line. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about this other than calling the local plumber.

Where Can I Find Someone Local to Fix My Pipes?

Colorado residents can find a local Colorado plumber at These plumbers are trained to fix any problems and answer any questions you might have. The team has a combined experience of 60 years and they know the local area well.

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