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October Is National Fire Prevention Month

October is National Fire Prevention Month, but many people fail to consider fire prevention in the home. With the fall season in full swing, temperatures will soon drop to freezing and below. Throughout this summer, your air conditioning system has likely been on nonstop, and if this sounds like the case with your home, you’ll want to prepare your HVAC system for the winter months. One of the leading causes of house fires during the winter months is faulty or poorly maintained heating equipment. So, it’s essential that you keep a close eye on your furnace and how the system itself is functioning.

Like any homeowner, you’ll need to look into fire prevention in the home, and a large part of this is ensuring you are aware of the fire safety regulations. Being mindful will help keep you and your family safe and ensure your home’s HVAC system runs smoothly. We will review the top five methods to help you stay safe during winter.

Check All Of Your Fire Alarms

It would be best to have a functional smoke alarm in every part of the house, including your basement. Make sure to check them all before you turn on your furnace again. This includes checking battery life regularly and changing them when necessary, testing each smoke alarm, and installing alarms in needed areas. Fire alarms can be set off sporadically and for various unpredictable reasons. Ensuring you have alarms in all living spaces can make a massive difference.

Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If your home is being heated by gas, you must have carbon monoxide detectors installed. Fire alarms will not detect carbon monoxide as this is an odorless gas. It could be too late once you or a household member notices it. Furnaces and heat pumps can develop cracks. This will release carbon monoxide into your home, which is very poisonous and explosive. You’ll need to check your heat pump and furnace regularly for this. TNT offered Furnace maintenance, Gas furnace installation, and repair. While gas is excellent for heating your home, it can be alarmingly dangerous if any undetected leak happens.

Check Your Air Ducts

One of the leading causes of house fires is poor air circulation. This is usually due to something clogging the air ducts – such as dust or debris. It could also mean your ducts need repair. Clogged or bad ducts can cause the furnace to work too hard, trying to pull the required air to function, generating a fire. TNT Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers various services for your air ducts, such as Air Duct Installation and Air Duct Repair. It pays to have clean and efficient air ducts, as this will help with fire prevention in the home and keep your furnace running strong.

Create A Routine

Overall, it would be best to try to create a routine for checking your HVAC system to ensure it works properly and is safe each spring and fall season. This can include hiring a professional such as TNT to help look into your HVAC system. A yearly tune-up will help you spot issues before any potential damage can happen. With more than 60 years of experience, TNT Plumbing Heating and Cooling has made customers feel happy and stay safe with their top-notch professional services. Call today to set up your fall tune-up to keep your home warm and safe this winter.

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